Matt & Nadine O'Connor and family.

Matt O’Connor is the founding father of the most controversial and high profile pressure group of modern times, Fathers 4 Justice. He is a regularly contributor on TV and Radio and has spoken at the Oxford Union, The Marketing Society, at business functions, and at schools and universities across the country where Fathers 4 Justice is now studied on the National Curriculum.

In 2005 he was GQ Magazine’s 7th Top Communicator in the UK, GQ Magazine’s 92nd Most Powerful Man in Britain, Esquire Magazine’s 35th Most Powerful Man In Britain Under 50 and one of twenty people shortlisted for the Royal Society’s Great Briton of the Year Awards. In 2007 he published his first book ‘Fathers 4 Justice: The Inside Story’ through the Orion Publishing Group. A film and stage musical about Fathers 4 Justice are in development.

He is also an acclaimed creative director and communicator, known for his daring designs & provocative PR campaigns. He manages over £60 million of branded business in the UK and launched his own ice cream brand ‘The Icecreamists’ last year in Selfridges flagship London store to rave reviews.

His recent work has won critical praise including the award for ‘Best Ice Cream in the World’ for Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano and ‘Best Business Solution in the World’ for his 2009 PR campaign in ice cream. Last year his ‘Temptation’ campaign depicting a nun and priest about to kiss was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority causing a controversy both in the UK and Italy. He has also been credited as one of the catalysts for a new global trend called ‘Maturalism’ – raw, risque, innovative, daring and opinionated branding.

Matt retains a strategic role in Fathers 4 Justice and is bringing many of his PR and Marketing contacts in to assist with the new campaign. He lives in Hampshire with his wife Nadine and children Daniel, Alexander, Phillippa and Archie.

What they say about Matt O’Connor & Fathers 4 Justice:

“A verbal machinegun.”
Cole Moreton, The Independent 2007

“Like Gordon Ramsey with Tourettes.”
Irish Examiner 2007

“The most spectacular protest movement of modern times.”
The Independent, 2007

“…when historians look back on British Society at the start of the third millennium they will accord a small but important chapter to the men in tights.”
The Times Newspaper, January 2006

“Matt O’Connor should be a national folk hero.”
Mark Alexander, Arena Magazine, July 2006

“O’Connor masterminded some of the biggest political stunts of recent years.”
Esquire Magazine, 2005

“A moving and hilarious account of an angry dad.”
Cosmo Landesman on ‘Fathers 4 Justice: The Inside Story”, The Sunday Times 2007

“…fiercely intelligent, charmingly foul-mouthed and a fantastic turn of phrase. Few could equal O’Connor when it comes to taking a conversational thread, yanking, unravelling and generally running with it.”
Will Self, Author & Journalist, GQ Magazine, 2006

“One of the most controversial and outspoken campaigners of the decade.”
Izzy George, Journalist

“Captain of Dad’s Army”
GQ Magazine, 2005

“An impassioned broadcaster.”
Fraser Nelson, The Spectator Magazine describing O’Connor’s London Mayoral Election Broadcast

“Matt O’Connor is back with a bang…no one can deny Matt knows how to grab the attention of today’s image-hungry media.”
The Sunday Post, 2008

“An unbelievable read…like some of the great films of our time – funny, tragic, and powerful.”
James Hazel, BBC Radio Suffolk, 2007

“Father of the revolution, O’Connor is both compelling and outrageous… sitting with a fired up Matt O’Connor in a cafe is not an experience for the faint-hearted, he treated myself and the cappuccino crowd to a virtuoso performance that left no one in doubt of his commitment to the cause.”
Kate Thompson, Journalist

“This is how O’Connor, 38, talks: at a mile a minute, in conversation riddled with tangents, coarse jokes, copious “you knows” and pop culture references…an attention seeking mastermind…not only could O’Connor start a fight in an empty room, it’s difficult to imagine him being happier than doing so.”
Andrew Mueller, The Independent on Sunday, April 2006

“The bureaucracy of divorce is blind to dad. Matt O’Connor’s Fathers 4 Justice is restoring it’s vision…he is one of the most important change agents in male issues in this country (the USA) has even though he comes from England.”
Dr Warren Farrell, Author

“Fathers 4 Justice masterminded some of the biggest political stunts of recent years.”
Esquire Magazine, 2005

“No comment.”
PR Office, Scotland Yard

“Matt O’Connor should take out a full page advertisement apologising for starting Fathers 4 Justice.”
Yasmin Alabiah-Brown, Evening Standard

“Fathers 4 Justice? The worst campaign group I have ever heard of.”
Downing Street Press Spokesman

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