The Fraud of Feminism

There is nothing pretty about feminism.

Like most kind of ‘isms’ it only spells bad news. Margaret Thatcher likened it to ‘trade unionism for women’.

My first hand experience of ‘feminists’ saw me jeered, abused and threatened for heresy after I had dared question the legitimacy of this ideology at a public debate. Only it wasn’t a debating chamber, but a gas chamber for free speech. I quickly learned how it felt to walk into a flat-earthers meeting holding a globe.

Campaigner Erin Pizzey had warned me before hand that there was nothing more menacing than the angry women whose threats had once required her to need Police protection.

The fact is feminism a fraud played out on women and men alike.

Guardianista whipping boys like Ally Fogg are complicit in this fraud providing succour and sympathy for feminism whilst maintaining a deafening silence about the gender cleansing of fathers from millions of families. He then condemns those that have the temerity to do something about it.

The double standards are such that protest groups like Pussy Riot and Femen are lavished with praise, but lycra clad superheroes are ridiculed with the same contempt that was reserved for the Suffragettes a hundred years ago.

Perhaps we should rebrand as ‘Fathers4Jus-tits.’

The message is clear. It’s perfectly acceptable for feminists to protest, but not for men.

But the real fraud of feminism is this.

It has turned women against men, driven fathers from families with catastrophic consequences for our children. In turn it has fuelled the economy by splitting the nuclear family into at least two entities, all requiring two houses, two cars, two flat screens…two of everything. Family breakdown IS good business for the Treasury.

It has turned women into ‘victims’ addicted to state benefits with a controlling partner – the state. They have been forced into low paid ‘plantation’ labour working at Tesco pretending to be free whilst shackled to a till or worse, a lap dancers pole.

They have absolved themselves from any personal responsibility by blaming all their woes and crimes on men – from murder to pornography – and playing the victim card at every opportunity. So much for 30 years of ‘liberation.’

There are several tragedies that flow from the Trojan Horse that is feminism.

The first is that after 30 years of fanatical feminism led by the humourless High Priestess of Feminism, Osama Bin Harman, nothing has changed.

Women don’t have any more freedom, aren’t more successful and are working harder, for longer with less child support because many have consigned one half of their family to the dustbin.

What has changed doesn’t make for an edifying spectacle.

There is more female porn, more violence, more plastic surgery, more Botox and more nips and tucks that you could wave your scalpel at. Where once we had Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, feminism has produced such starlets as Kerry Katona, Katie Price and the vajazzled cast of Towie.

Just for good measure we have an abortion epidemic and the highest rate of teen pregnancies and underage sex in Western Europe. So much for acting in the ‘child’s best interests’.

Feminism isn’t just a fraud and a scam, it has been a catastrophe for our children who have grown up in increasingly dysfunctional fatherless families created through Nazi style social engineering and the policies of bigoted, hateful, feminist extremists.

The feminist dream the snakeoil saleswomen have been selling has in fact turned into a dystopian nightmare for everyone.

The fact is Femen and Fathers4Justice are two sides of the same coin. We need to wake up to the fact that we have ALL been enslaved and that one gender is being played off against the other for economic and social reasons – not to empower women.

One of the reasons Feminism has spread so virulently is that it has been unopposed by a generation of men who have been so feminised themselves, that they have allowed the extermination of fatherhood to continue without any resistance.

That’s why a few of us continue to fly the flag of equality for all – not just equality for those who happen to have XX chromosones. To paraphrase MLK, I hope that my three sons will not be judged by their gender, but on the content of their character.

The facts speak for themselves. Feminism is a fraud and fraud is a crime whose victims aren’t just men and women – but the very children we claim to care about so much.

Oppose it at all costs.

Matt O’Connor

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