Age of Responsibility

At the time of writing we have temporarily closed our Facebook page and web site for operational reasons. It has provided a useful opportunity to reflect on the last year and a culture which at best hinders our campaign and at worst is utterly destructive.

When I started Fathers4Justice in 2001 I took responsibility for what I believed in and put my life, money and time where my big mouth was. I was lucky that I was seeing my children again but they suffered from spending less time with me than they deserved.

But that was my decision, my responsibility. There was no one to bail me out, no one to run to and nowhere to hide. For the last decade my family have endured countless run-ins with the authorities. Last year I faced two trials and the Police attempted to ban me from the London 2012 Olympic Games.

So what? I’m delighted to be a pain in their arse and to take full responsibility for my actions and any consequences that flow from them.

What I find absolutely senseless though is how some people prattle on about ‘organisation’ and the need for ‘leadership’ from F4J whilst abdicating from any responsibility themselves.

Really? Have 13 years of example from F4J provided no roadmap for campaigning? Did the Suffragettes sit around waiting for ‘leadership’ before launching their one-woman protests? Do Femen or Pussy Riot sit around criticising each other?

No, they get their tits out and get on with it. They have bigger balls than most of us – Fathers4Jus-tits no less.

The truth is that there hasn’t been a failure of leadership or organisation. It is OUR collective failure to take responsibility for our own actions.

Feminists are running rings around two groups of men. The first group are those that pretend to help men; think Guardianista manginas. The second are the usual armchair generals who say everything, whilst doing nothing.

The fact is ANYONE can stage a high-profile demo tomorrow.

You don’t need help. Just Google the Suffragettes. Take a leaf and a scalpel blade from their book. Stick your child’s picture on a famous picture. Tie it to the gates at Buckingham Palace. Haven’t got any money? Go to a famous Cathedral and stage a hunger strike this Christmas.

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. All you need to do is follow our guidelines (which will be published again shortly) and don’t yap to the Police, don’t make it easy for them and don’t plead guilty or pay fines as it undermines the non-compliance principles this campaign is built on.

Most of all it is time to stop bitching and ask not what F4J can do for you, but what you can do for F4J and most importantly, YOUR children.

That would be the best present you can give your children this Christmas.

Matt O’Connor, 17/11/13

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