Judgement Day

FAO: Judge Markanza Cudby, Principle Registry of the Family Division.

I rarely comment on the institutional depravity on display in the family courts, but your barrel scraping performance as Deputy District Judge at the Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD) yesterday demands a response.

I have witnessed and heard tens of thousands of such accounts about the PRFD, but there is nothing quite like first-hand experience to remind me that I promised my children to put you and your kind out of a job if was the last act I performed on God’s earth. Indeed, we closed that court down in 2003 when 100 of us occupied the very court you sat in yesterday.

You clearly haven’t learnt anything from that experience, but thanks to your efforts yesterday, we will target the courts and the judiciary with renewed enthusiasm. If you visit hell on our homes, don’t be surprised if angry parents visit yours.

It should not be beyond your capabilities – both as a Deputy District Judge, barrister and human being – to treat the people before you with some degree of compassion and respect.

We do after all pay your wages.

The fact that you are involved in matters regarding the nations children illustrates why we have such an appalling track record in failing them. I’ve seen dogs treated better than the cowering father you addressed yesterday.

With a thinly disguised contempt, you made prejudicial comments from the off about a father whose only ‘crime’ was to have the temerity as ask for more ‘contact’ with his children as the court and Cafcass had repeatedly promised him over the previous five years.

Not once did you display an ounce of humanity or compassion. Like a scene out of Oliver Twist, the Dickensian proceedings unfolded with a verbal flogging and lecturing of this poor dad simply because he asked ‘more’.

You didn’t even see fit to comment about the political bias in the Cafcass report by James Johnstone, who saw fit to grind his axe in the back of a father who was accused of having ‘deceived’ his children because he took them on a Fathers4Justice demonstration which marched on Downing Street in 2012.

To read the Cafcass officers account, anyone would have thought he had been taken his children off to join the Taliban.

But no, this clear political and prejudicial bias was perfectly acceptable to you.

To add insult to injury you proceeded to patronise the father by making grossly ignorant and inaccurate statements about his children’s schooling and about the number of Cafcass reports that were typical in such cases. You then berated me for speaking to you (as a McKenzie) when I had simply responded to you talking to me first.

Finally, you asked me what my CV was.

My CV is over 13 years of picking up the shit people like you leave behind.

13 miserable soul-destroying years of wading through the human wreckage caused by contact deniers like you who forcibly separate children from their fathers in the name of ‘justice’.

There are millions of children now living in Britain without a dad because of institutional discrimination inflicted on them by people like you. In a perversion of the very course of justice you claim to serve, you pose a serious risk to the welfare of children and families who have the misfortune to cross your path.

All this on the day Sir Paul Coleridge said family law should be killed off – and with it we hope the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable judiciary who have inflicted unspeakable horrors on tens of thousands of families.

One day, I promise you, you will be held to account for your actions in the court of public opinion when you will find yourself sitting on the otherside of the bench being judged accordingly.

Then we will have justice.

Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers4Justice
NB. You now have the honour of being added to http://www.contactdeniers.com

Markanza Cudby
0207 936 1500


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