Caroline Nokes MP: The Ugly Face of Politics

If they say politics is showbiz for ugly people, let me present exhibit a) Caroline Nokes MP. A woman who told Glamour Magazine in 2005 ‘I’ve been told I’m too pretty to be in politics.’

To be honest, in my advancing years I couldn’t tell you if she was ugly or pretty, but it makes for a damn good euphemism when describing her increasingly monsterish conduct.

Nokes has taken the extraordinary step of calling in Special Branch to deal with the ‘security threat’ posed by families who want to know why she has betrayed them. Hiding behind police lines when dealing with the public tells you everything you want to know about a woman whose decision to perform an about face on equal parenting may have resulted from what happened in her divorce from her husband Marc after she was caught riding a hapless Tory Boy from Bury St Edmunds.

Her extra marital gallop got another run in this yesterday’s Times (23/4/13) which said she was ‘caught in flagrante delicto with a conservative activist 10 years her junior’.

To date she has refused to say what access he has to their daughter Tabitha. If he doesn’t have equal parenting status it makes a complete mockery of her promises to us in 2010.

This question needs to be answered not least because of her pre-election promises to F4J and because she was sitting on the Children and Families Bill Committee. As such she doesn’t just answer to her constituents, but as the electorate as a whole.

I am now told she also works in an office where denying fathers access to their children is common place. Sources tell me her research assistant Claire Pearsall (also separated) may have denied her ex access to his children.

Once we establish the truth – and we will establish the truth – then we can make an informed judgement about Caroline Nokes MP. However, we won’t be bullied or intimidated by the use of Special Branch as her personal security entourage. You see contact denial is an abuse of a child’s human rights to their father.

In the same way that calling in Special Branch is an abuse of her power as an MP, that the breaching of her promises to us is an abuse of trust and her betrayal of her husband was an abuse of the most sacred promise of all – her marriage vows.

Abuse, is abuse is abuse and like most politicians, Caroline is getting plenty of practice at it.

The fact is that if you are restricting a child’s father access to their child and are supporting a legal system that supports mass fatherlessness, than is supporting the abuse of children by denying them their inalienable right to both their parents.

Caroline Nokes can end this now by answering these questions and explaining in full to everyone why she has betrayed children and families in this way.

Whether she is pretty-faced or two-faced, I don’t care. Take your pick.

They are just different sides of the ugly face of politics.

Matt O’Connor, 24/4/13




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