Pink Stink

A while back I was contacted by a publisher seeking my assistance helping PR/Promote a book on behalf of a solicitor called Lucy Reed who writes a blog called Pink Tape. I replied that I would rather chew on my left testicle than assist a solicitor profit from child trafficking.

It struck me then that some people just don’t ‘get it’ and never fucking will. The legal profession, like bankers simply don’t ‘get it’. They lack human empathy, understanding, insight or simply view humanity’s failings as an opportunity to convert conflict into profit. With a contemptible arrogance, they self-justify their actions from the lofty perch of hypocrisy, like a politician moralising about their expenses theft from the public purse. There is never any personal responsibility. No accountafuckingbility. ‘It’s business, don’t you understand?’ say the apologists.

The point is we DO understand, and that’s what incurs our wrath when they start offering their pathetic justifications and insights into the brutal and secretive regime that is the family courts. These parasitic legions of bottom feeders often try and put a human face on their Dickensian trade and the ‘Pink Tape’ blog did a better than most.

Now maybe that’s because I am in possession of a wardrobe you can see from Google Earth, but I like the colour pink and maybe that’s why I warmed to her odd little musings.

But recently the not so juicy Lucy’s mask has slipped a little, the parfum is stale and the shade of pink is quickly fading to reveal her true colours. With a sneery disdain she has accused the children on the Children4Justice video of being actors and now says that the thought of children seeking legal redress for lost childhoods left her feeling ‘queasy’.

She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

Given she belongs to a profession that asset strips families and children for financial gain, nothing makes me feel sicker or angrier than the thought of her and her colleagues wringing every last penny out of some tragic parental conflict gone wrong.

No doubt they excuse their involvement in such a wretched business as being in the ‘child’s bests interests’ but like the rest of the cunts who use this grotesque deception to excuse the abuse of children behind closed doors, they deserve our anger and our contempt.

Maybe Lucy has no children. Maybe, like the rest of her profession, she conforms to the alien lizard-like stereotype of the TV series ‘V’ and has cold blood running through her veins. Maybe she just ‘doesn’t get it’. But to dismiss the testimony of these brave children who have demonstrated immense courage and come forward to speak out because they wanted to share their experiences with other children is simply despicable.

I don’t know why I sometimes expect more from humanity, but people like Lucy Reed remind me that bigotry, ignorance and prejudice are still contaminating family law. They have learnt nothing. It’s business as usual at Reed and Reed Family Butchers.

And if our children are successful in demanding justice in a truth and reconciliation style hearing one day, I for one hope Lucy Reed will be one of the first up apologising for what she and her kind did to children and families in this country. Perhaps she can even write a book apologising to them. There won’t be any shortage of material.

Matt O’Connor, 22/2/12

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