Dad’s Army VS The Forces of Injustice + Inequality

It’s official.

Discrimination against human beings on the basis of their gender is now official. For 10 thankless, godforsaken years I have been telling people fathers have NO rights in law to see their children and for those 10 years people have looked on in disbelief. ‘Is it cos I got a meat and two veg?’ I used to ask fuckwit civil servants at the Ministry of Injustice. The answer is affirmative.

Which is probably why other groups have gone all Lady Boy ‘hermaphrodite is my middle name’ on us. Pussyfooting ain’t changed jack but the majority of fathers groups still dance round their hand bags when they should be out on the streets. There have been two fathers conferences recently and neither garnered any PR nor for that matter bothered to invite the only fathers group anyone on Planet Earth has heard of: Fathers 4 Justice. You have to ask why?

‘Please luv me long time’ plead FNF in their impotent response. Not likely. Even dumb arse civil servants can see Miss Lady Boy has bigger balls.

But the biggest betrayal this week isn’t just this wretched report, but the response of men to it. We often have to correct people who join F4J, thinking women baiting and hating is somehow acceptable. It isn’t and never has been and never will be. It is women who run F4J, argue our cause, support us in our hour of need, who nurse us when we have been forsake by everyone else and remind us that love will always prevail in the end.

It is the MEN who really deserve the credit for this unspeakable state of affairs. Not forgetting spineless fathers groups who betray fatherhood with every whimper, in the last decade we have had Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Blunkett who could have done something about his own case but fell into line for the sake of his party, not his children.

This week I have suffered the ‘Attack of the Manginas’ with a cast including David Norgrove, Jonathan Ross’ brother Paul and George Galloway to add to the list because there is nothing MORE damaging to our cause than these pussywhipped appeasers of inequality and injustice.

Smug, conceited ‘it’s never happened to me’ cretins who blame every other father for their own plight because it never happened to them. Take gorgeous George Galloway on Talk Sport. I like George. He is a great orator. He has balls.

But on this issue he spent 10 minutes chewing his own testicles off last night.

He tells me he has never had a problem (despite being married twice). So he isn’t only gorgeous, but lucky I tell him. He tells him he enjoys ‘short sword fighting’ but in reality, on this issue, his sword is so short he is ‘George Of The Eunuchs’. Fed by a diet of propaganda (child’s best interests), lies (only a small number of people end up in court) and damn lies (how can you get MORE litigation than what we already have – F4J are revealing the true details about the much referred to Australian experience shortly).

So don’t blame women for this state of affairs. Take issue with your fellow man who condemns himself and his own children to that same fate which statistically will hit him between the legs either with his children or grandchildren. Then watch them come running.

Ref the Family Justice Review, the report is so bad, it’s almost good. And that’s what I told the report’s Chairman when I bumped into him at the BBC. I said many people thought he was a complete xxxx. But that I was too polite to call him that.

Instead, as Cristina Odone said, ‘he is the man who hated children.’ Frozen to the spot, paralysed by fear, poor David could barely move his lips to say tell me there was NO evidence to support the claim that they have acted in the children’s best interests. ‘Bit of a shit report then?’ I told him. All that time, all that money, all those combined minds and yet barely a shred of evidence to stand this report up. Pathetic. In any other walk of life you’d be fired for producing such an inadequate piece of work.

So where does this leave us? I think this might be a turning point. Not in terms of direct action, but in terms of climate change. This report CONFIRMED what we have been saying. Proof, if proof were needed, that every single protest, every letter written, every argument waged in the media, was valid and true. The next stage is to see how the Conservative led coalition respond. But don’t hold your breath – they can’t be happy that this report was so anti-father and grandparents.

They would have dressed this document up in a studded jockstrap not a fairy dress, to create the illusion it was fair and father friendly. No such luck for the coalition so lets wait and see whilst all the while banging on the doors of our constituency MP’s and supporting F4J.

Thanks to David Norgrove & Co, he has validated the very existence of Fathers 4 Justice and proven to a nation that we were right. From 4.00am on Thursday we have fought our corner on ITV Daybreak, ITV News, Channel 4, every radio station and newspaper. We have enjoyed our best audience share since 2005 –  over 35million people this week – who have heard our message; that F4J is still not only going, but is alive and in rude health and will fight to the very end to create a fair, just and equitable system of family law.

As I said in many, many interviews this week; never, ever give up on your children. Get up, stand up for your rights and join Dad’s Army.

Join Fathers 4 Justice. The last line of resistance for fatherhood.

Matt O’Connor

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