Bring The Voice of Fathers Home to the Palace

Being a father is like being on the set of supernatural ghost movie the Sixth Sense. The film where it turns out the husband had been dead throughout the film. Fathers are never seen, never respected nor heard. We are like ghosts. And that’s why it’s so important you make your presence seen and heard next Saturday at Buckingham Palace.

Not only is the plight of fathers and families invisible to the rest of the country and the world, we are the only voice for the children who have no voice. We are the last line of resistance in the battle to save fatherhood. It is incumbent on every single one of us to fulfil their duty to their children and their country by standing shoulder to shoulder in quiet protest outside the gates of the most famous home in the world.

To bring your message from your home to their home. To bring your message to the thousands of tourists who will be present at the Changing of the Guard. We will tell them to tell the world. We will let them know that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, support any family, oppose any injustice in the pursuit if equality and the promise of tomorrow for our children.

To you I ask this; bring the pictures of your lost children to tie to the gates of the Palace. Bring your testimony and quiet dignity. Whatever they say or do, meet hate with love, despair with hope and fear with courage. We will join together hand in hand to demonstrate our determination and resilience and to tell the government we will never, ever give up on the children of this country.

There are few fates worse than the living bereavement of being denied access to your child. Our children are missing. A generation stolen. Fatherhood kidnapped. We are the last line of resistance against a dangerous and toxic gender apartheid that segregates children from their fathers.

Our country operates despicable double standards, lecturing the world about justice and democracy whilst practising the most grotesque practices on children and families. For fathers condemned as runaways and deadbeats by our Prime Minister, it the political equivalent of water boarding.

Even though the situation appears desperate in a country devoid of the political or moral courage to stand against the secretive and brutal regime that is the secret family courts. Even though many in society will shout us down as heretics, accuse us of being women-haters and attack us viciously as only those whose ideology is threatened react, we shall appeal to the voice of reason, the ear of justice and the heart of equality that each and every person knows to be true and fair.

For those that threaten us and seek to intimidate fathers my message is this; your threats carry no weight to men who have been stripped of their children, their homes and their dignity. Who carry themselves tall and proud and fearless. Men whose quiet sorrow forges inner strength and courage. We will not let our destinies be enslaved by thuggery, but we will determine our own tomorrows.

We will never allow our children to share our fate.

There are many who still don’t understand why we demand action not words. Our struggle will not be won by armchair generals or emasculated men too frightened or impotent to break the taboos and chains that shackle us. Fear is a state of mind not the equivalent of a government Jedi mind trick. Standing together we have NOTHING to fear.

For the last decade I have campaigned to give my three boys a better tomorrow. A tomorrow free of the bigotry and prejudices of today. Free to be the parents we could and should have been if the state had not made us outlaws in our own country. Free to be first class fathers, not second class parents. That is my promise of tomorrow to my three boys.

Not be judged by their gender, but by their capacity to love and cherish their children.

But we cannot achieve that without a struggle.

We act with the fierce urgency of now. We must oppose extremism wherever we find it – even if that means confronting militant feminism. We act to confront injustice whatever it exists. We must act to bring the plight of children and families to the attention of the world at the London 2012 Olympic Games – The Crying Games, because every child finishes last in Cameron’s Britain.

We are fighting battles on four fronts. Against the secret courts and the parasitic legal system. Against our so called democratic parties and their systemic attacks on fatherhood for cheap political capital. Against militant Feminsim and the poisonous legacy it has injected into the body politic. Finally against the CSA whose ideology reduces fathers to the status of cashpoints and sperm banks. Crisis demands coordinated action on all four fronts.

As F4J’s research Director Nick Langford stated this week, ‘The government loves feckless fathers, provided they pay and don’t want to see their children.’ As we have often said under this Conservative led coalition, you an abandon your children tomorrow provided you pay.

It is a crisis on a humanitarian level for children and families. A catastrophe on a social scale as evidenced by the consequences of mass fatherlessness an the ensuing riots. A national emergency as a nation because of the damage we are doing to the fabric of our society today and tomorrow through the destruction of families.

One can only guess why policies which are so grotesquely abusive to children and families go unchallenged. There are undoubtedly many reasons however if you follow the money – and most scandals always follow the money – then the destruction of families is great business for UK PLC. Dividing families generates consumption and growth. Two houses, two cars, two wide screen TV’s, everything is doubled. Even offset against the costs of family breakdown the dividends reaped from family breakdown probably generate a substantial nett profit. As unimaginable as that may sound, it may explain why our tax system pays parents to live apart, not together. For the fools who think government doesn’t already interfere in personal relationships or making moral judgements about marriage, it already has. This is a government that incentivises family breakdown.

Finally for those that ask why we have resumed direct action I will tell you this. For three years we exhausted every single avenue of dialogue available to us, only for the Conservative Party to break their promises and betray our children and families. Today, we give them notice that a new campaign is upon them. We will challenge them. We will surprise them. We will defeat them.

What has begun again with a whisper, will become an unstoppable and deafening roar; a movement reborn of purpose, where we resolve to make a better tomorrow not live trapped in the despair of yesterday.

We choose to challenge government, not because it is easy, but because it is difficult. We are not willing to postpone, or negotiate. The wall of resistance may seem impenetrable but it is left to us to bring it down stone by stone, father and mother, sister and brother.

Your children are not somebody else’s responsibility. They are YOUR responsibility. And it is your responsibility to fight for them. To send them a message from the fathers of today to the fathers of tomorrow – you are our children, you are our future and we will not let you down. We are coming to get get you.

Daddy is coming home.

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