Burn baby burn…

It is amazing how civil unrest robs people of their ability to have an intelligent conversation. Take the riots. Anything other than outraged condemnation means (at least to Kay ‘Hurly’ Burley on Sky) that if you answer one of her questions with anything other than the default answer, she will accuse you of supporting the riots and walk all over your answer thus defeating the purpose of the question, the purpose of her job and suffocating anything resembling intelligent debate.

Before this pathetic attempt at government was elected, the long term forecast was for riots. The only shock horror has been ‘what took you so long?’ That’s because the economic pain hasn’t been felt yet. Chances are it will be, and soon.

It has long been known that we have created a nation of feral children, a feckless youth, brought up without fathers, indulged by whimpering mothers (“How can I tell my son what to do, he’s 6ft tall and just like his father.” Yes, the father he doesn’t see), indulged by schools with all the discipline of a Club 18-30 holiday and living in a world without boundaries, morals or ethics.

Now, we want our kids to learn respect, but how can they?

Respect who?

Their mother? Er no. Their father? Oh yes, thats the guy the state stitched up, you know the ‘runwaway’, the ‘deadbeat’ the one who gets treated like a fucking cashpoint.

But don’t worry, there is always the nanny state. The state run by MP’s, you know, the ones that fiddled their expenses. The ones who slept with Murdoch and bankrupted the country saddling you with unpayable debts and a fucking big, black hole worse that any damage caused by a few riots.

How could you not trust the son of a banker and a stockbroker sending our kids (not theirs, obviously) to die on behalf of a country that deprived them of their fathers and will deny them that same right. Wars where we invade and rape a country of its resources on the flimsiest of excuses and we think this provides a good example to the rioter in JD sports stealing trainers?

Then of course, we should respect the Police. Yes, the Police who took bribes from newspapers and enjoyed dinners with suspects. The same police that shot dead a drunken barrister who couldn’t piss straight let alone shoot straight. A Brazilian plumber who ‘jumped over a barrier’ and was a suspect. Only he never lept the barrier and was the wrong man but 8/9 bullets all made us so much safer. The Irish man they said was armed but it turned out to be chair leg or the black man who died in a shoot out, only, he didn’t fire a shot.

This country is teetering on the abyss. It has been wrecked economically and socially by a political aristocracy who you wouldn’t trust to run a bath let alone a country. They proclaim to act in the ‘child’s best interests’, preside over an epidemic of mass fatherlessness and then after blaming the dads, they turn on the kids, the youth THEY created, and threaten them with plastic bullets.

There are no fucking role models left. We have led by a disgraceful example and our youth have followed so lets not feign surprise they have dared to copy us.

We are ALL responsible. Responsible for the criminals we elected. Responsible for the society we allowed them to create. And responsible for what has happened to our children.

Matt O’Connor 9/8/11

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