Cameron’s Despicable Slur on Fathers Day

Sometimes you wonder whether people are trying to deliberately bait you.

Like the time Counter Terrorism Command came down to see me in Hampshire a while back after I told them I was launching my own ice cream brand (they thought it was some plot to overthrow HM government with a Mr Whippy Van a shed load of sprinkles and some weapons of mass seduction). Or the day the Met Police said that I was (and I quote verbatim) ‘a greater threat to this country than Al Qaeda’.

You had the feeling they were trying to bait you, draw you out of retirement a bit like an ageing Sinatra, Shrek or in my case, Elton John. I thought surely they can’t be that stupid.

But then I hadn’t factored in Mr Cameroon.

A PM surely deserving of his own brand of olive oil given his slippery ethics. ‘U turns?’. Pah, thats nothing. This man does hand break turns with pre-election promises disappearing in a puff of burnt rubber.

You can’t say he wasn’t warned either. When they arrived at Portcullis House, arms full of promises and bountiful commitments you thought ‘how can you trust these fuckers?’ You couldn’t. But at the same time, you had to give them the opportunity. And they were told by me in no uncertain terms, fuck with me on these promises, and I’ll bury you face down so next time around, you won’t be able to crawl back out.

So what’s David Cameron’s gift to Fathers this Fathers Day? To label 50% of the population as ‘runaways’ to be treated like ‘drink drivers.’

Thanks to hermaphrodite mens groups, neutered and pussyfooting around the issue as well as our own absence from frontline campaigning, Cameron obviously feels comfortable making these comments. It’s hard to imagine him describing mothers on Mothers Day as ‘whores with multiple partners’ like Karen Matthews or ‘Cokeheads’ like Kerry Katona (much lauded Mother of the Year previously – thats how beatified mums are). Mums who should be treated like Myra Hindley.

And what about the mothers who abuse their children by denying them the right to see their fathers this Fathers Day? Or exclude dads on every other day of the year with the assistance of Dave and his cronies. Or the grandparents denied access to their grandchildren as a result?

But the fact he can get away with these sort of comments shows how pathetic we have become and how insidious and successful forces in government have been at undermining to the point of extinction the role of fathers in society.

Cameron IS fully aware of the reality on the ground. There can be no excuse for this sort of despicable slur on fathers which is part of a wholesale, ideologically driven assault on fathers and fatherhood.

The Dada is already going the way of the fucking Dodo. Fathers have been reduced to sperm banks and cashpoints. Under Cameron and his goons, you can abandon you children tomorrow, provided you pay.

And whilst he is busy picking battles in foreign lands – as fathers lay their lives down on behalf of a country that doesn’t even afford them the right to be a father – he is the cheerleader of one of the most barbaric, evil, secretive and abusive regimes on earth – Britain’s Secret Family Courts.

I find two facts about Cameroon really nausea inducing. I was told by a colleague in PR recently that when Cameron was at Carlton, he was always asked to deliver the dirty message to unsuspecting colleagues because he always did it so sincerely whilst lying through his back teeth. He knows the truth, but he does whatever he thinks he needs to do to stay in power and he is doing it at the expense of our children and families.

Our duty is to defend our families against the barbaric regime he presides over. He has had his time and he has had his warning. His comments today pour oil onto the burning wells of anger and injustice. He would do well to reflect on the power of our message, something that his own backer Lord Ashcroft has recognised in a recent poll that put Fathers 4 Justice as the THIRD most popular organisation in the UK behind Greenpeace and Amnesty despite not staging a single demonstration since 2008.

Combine our pathetically inadequate budget against the multi-million pound marketing muscle of those two organisations, and you can see why F4J is studied as a masterclass in campaigning, pr and branding by other NGO’s and charities.

Mr Cameron should remember that as a father who lost his own son, that pain is living in every one of us. To insult us is to insult the memory of all our children and he does that at his own peril.

Matt O’Connor 19th June 2011

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