The Nuffield Foundation poses a serious health risk to your family.

 “Shared parenting legislation is not in the interests of children…it risks applying a one size fits all approach to families.” Excuse me the Nuffield Foundation. What the fuck are you on about fermenting in your anti-father marinade, divorced from reality, pontificating about children and families as if you have any idea of the misery and destruction being perpetrated on families by this grotesque ideologically driven indoctrination?

Is not the systemic removal of fathers from families already applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach to families. Or did I miss something?

Or is it that the fucked up thinking of Nuffing Foundation desires an outcome where every child is living with somebody else’s parent, except of course, their own. Because that is the dysfucktional outcome they have created. Or are they simply saying that marriage is bad for kids and that getting divorced will give your child a much better outcome?

How dare you argue against the principle of equality? How dare you say that equal parenting is somehow damaging to children. After thousands of years of the family, this Darwinian social construct, this glue that keeps us together as families – families that are stronger than the state – you seek to lecture us that you know better. Well, lets check out a few home truths.

There is only one danger to children and families. A danger that should have a fucking great public health risk attached to them: perverted ‘thinkers’ like Mavis Maclean and this wretched foundation. Perverting children so they are raised without a father. Perverting families by creating a nation of single mums weened like addicts onto a drip feed of state benefits like a hooker feeding off a pimp – a pimp who has kidnapped the father and turned him from a loving parent into a fucking cashpoint.

Perverting society with the effluent of their indoctrination: the highest rate of teen pregnancy on Western Europe, an abortion epidemic and the highest rate of young offending in Western Europe. Thanks to Mad Mavis and her Fanatical Feminist Taliban, we are experiencing a period of unprecedented and catastrophic social fall out with kids having kids. Kids making families on the streets in the absence of their own parents.

Congratulations Mavis Maclean. You and your fucked up ideology are a weapon of mass family destruction destroying families using a scorched earth policy and using the greatest deceit perpetrated in the history of this country: the child’s best interests mantra, a get out of jail card for fucked up academics except, there is NO evidence that the family courts or the Nuffield Foundations policies have been in the best interests of the children because they have conveniently failed to keep any records. Odd that eh?

And as my evidence conclusively, inarguably proves, thats because it has been in the interest of gravy-trainers like academics, lawyers and so called professionals to feed off the conflict that is family breakdown under the cover of acting in the child’s best interests.

The marker of any society is how we treat our most vulnerable. The disgraceful behaviour of these academics and the tragic outcomes that result from these policies means these people should be on trial.

And like any barbaric, sadistic tyrant, one day they will have to answer for their actions to the families and children they have torn apart. Some of us are sworn to make that happen.

Matt O’Connor, 28/5/2011

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