How can they just do nothing?

Or should I say, how can we just do nothing?

So lets look at our own ‘movement’ before we look at the obscene conclusions reached by the Family Justice Review Panel.

Somebody once said ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees’, yet that is what an entire gender have submitted to, and in doing so, condemned our children and future mothers and fathers to the same fate.

The imprint of this legacy on our children is so toxic and enduring, it may be impossible to reverse.

A significant part of the blame lies at our own feet. For a while, we stood together and followed a set plan. Then, deluded and divided, some thought they could do better, only for reality to kick in too late. Other groups were bought off. Others became extinct. In doing so we ALL failed to rise to the challenge and we let the vested interests again gain the upper hand.

What troubles me is that for all the fighting talk, we have seen very few people walk the walk. Talk is cheap. On the net, the currency is like confetti – its worthless without physical action, without stepping up to the plate, without making a sacrifice.

So when we are doing nothing, perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to blame the Family Justice Review Panel (FJRP) for doing nothing?


But the FJRP haven’t had their children stolen from them, had entire lives decimated, being suffocated by the blanket of secrecy applied by the grotesque and abusive regime that is the Secret Family Courts. Forget Libya, we have our own dictators here, a secretive and brutal regime operating beyond scrutiny.

Beyond the law.

Let us remember, people are dying here. Lives are being destroyed at the hands of this regime. This is a regime that in the last 12 months has lied, cheated, covered up any one of so many unspeakable crimes that the perpetrators should be on fucking trial.

So lets start with a few of the facts the FJRP have conveniently chosen to ignore, and while I’m at it, lets spell it out in full Maritime Language.

Firstly the Family Justice Review Panel is a fucking cover up.

A sham.

It supports the ongoing abuse of children yesterday, today and tomorrow. The configuration of the panel is based on the incestuous relationship between the judiciary, lobbyists and an ideologically driven industry built on conflict and the destruction of families.

The review is a continuation of the biggest cover up in the history of British Justice of the biggest child abuse scandal in the history of the United Kingdom. Do not underestimate the power of these words. They will return to haunt those who were complicit in this injustice.

Secondly, the shameful, pathetic, hermaphrodites at Tory HQ didn’t need a report to tell them the house is burning down. It was self-evident. When your house is on fire you call the fire brigade not a pen-pushing bunch of bureaucrats to go all Jackanory on us.

Worse still, when you know how to put the fire out – Tory HQ having told us of their plans which were in line with F4J’s before the election – why would you let the blaze continue out of control in knowledge of the apocalyptic outcomes for children.

That, Mr Cameron, is criminal.

Then they float the token smokescreen that ‘grandparents’ should get to see their grandchildren…what fucking tosh. They can already apply to a court to see their grandchildren and watch their worthless contact order go up in smoke like the parents and of course, if parents were seeing their children, there wouldn’t need to be a law for grandchildren to see their grandkids would there?

Of course the unequivocal implication of this grandstanding leak is that grandparents are safe, and fathers are not – and all this after Baby P where the natural father was denied access to his son because of false allegations.

Lets drill further into the evidence we supplied:

In one case F4J were involved in, we uncovered a child sex abuse ring operating from a Contact Centre, where the Contact Centre Manager was sleeping with the children she was charged with looking after. Don’t believe us? We have all the paperwork. What did the panel do? Nothing. What did the police do? Nothing.

In other cases we brought to the panels attention, some cases had been ongoing for over 10 years – 10 years of a 10 year old girl’s life. What did the panel do? Nothing.

We tore apart the fraudulent claim that lies at the heart of the system ‘child’s best interests principle’ – no records kept so no way of proving courts have acted in the child’s best interest. What did the panel do? Nothing.

If it isn’t acting in their interests, then whose interests are it serving?

The review is content, somehow, for the status quo to remain. It does not use the language of outrage or urgency, but language spoken with the ears of vested interests in mind. It has excluded parents from the panel as the system excludes parents from the process and it’s vision is filtered through the distorted prism of public law where decisions are made on behalf of children by politicised and ideologically driven organisations.

Organisations allegedly acting to ‘protect’ children, whilst presiding over the biggest child abuse scandals of our time.

Admittedly, the panel do shamelessly pilfer a few of our ideas (parent share plan, family line) though don’t have the courtesy of acknowledging their source.

Nor do they recognise that this unfolding crisis requires urgent, radical attention and that basic fundamental rights are being broken and in doing so the report is a wholesale rejection of everything I stand for:

It rejects my role as a father. I still have NO right in law to see my children (though F4J was started after I started seeing them again). I am therefore a non-entity and I have refused to sign my census form because if the state doesn’t recognise me as a father, it doesn’t recognise me at all.

It rejects the principle of equality between mother and father. It states there is no bias, if thats so, please explain why 94% of residencies are awarded to mothers and 50% of all contact orders for fathers are broken?

It has rejected transparency and supports secrecy and an appalling regime run behind closed doors where, like most child abuse, it can continue unchecked.

It allows an unelected, unaccountable, privately educated aristocracy to reign in their star chamber without fear of being exposed because they threaten and bully parents into silent submission with the compliance of the legal fraternity.

This monstrous. tyrannical, perverse and barbaric regime is worse than anything in Iran, Libya or North korea and poses a serious risk to the welfare of EVERY family in the UK.

And all this presided over by a government more dysfunctional than the last, a government that played happy families whilst screwing marriage with its insane tax policies to the extent that you are £600 a month better off living apart. So don’t fucking come on all family friendly on me Cameron. You are worse than New Labour because at least they didn’t pretend to care.

You betrayed families, you betrayed fathers and worst of all you betrayed the most vulnerable in society – our children. As I said in our ‘Anthem to Justice’ “if we can’t save the children, how can we save the world?”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ll speak for me. I’m not going to live in a world of inequality. If you don’t want to defend your family, thats your choice, but it will never be mine.

I won’t accept this brave new world where mum marries the state, not a father, where kids have kids and make families on the street. You can’t love, if you haven’t been loved.

And if you can’t be angry after losing everything, when will you ever be angry? The above are reasons enough to be angry and inequality is something we are not going to take anymore.

The courts operate like a supermassive black hole sucking families into them, then ripping them apart.

We are the last line in resistance. We have given them the opportunity.

We made a 1,000 page submission. Doesn’t look like they read one fucking word. If anyone asks why we do what we do, we have a bulletproof argument, we acted because others failed to do so.

They broke their promises to us but I’ll make one promise here which will not be broken, you can do nothing, but we will do everything we humanly can to overthrow this evil regime.

We are the resistance. We are the new rebellion and justice is coming.

Matt O’Connor

24th April 2011

NB F4J has made a Freedom of Information request to find out how much this scam has cost the Taxpayer.

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