The Mangina Monologues

According to many women men are all; bastards, wankers, gobshites, tossers, unfaithful, lazy, useless, untidy, violent cavemen who leave the toilet seat up (which came first, toilet seat up, or down? Go figure). This is the privately held and often publicly expressed views of a substantial proportion of women. Switch on Loose Women, and you’ll get reverse sexism explicitly rammed down your throat until its poking out of your anus.

Compare for a moment then the treatment of Andy Gray, I am not going to go all hermaphrodite on you and say I don’t agree with his view. Frankly its none of your fucking business because my view is private (as much as it can be if you are in the blogosphere). As were his views, but then these private comments were laid bare for the world to see and shock horror, he has been pursued by a fascist lynchmob who want this guy ritually disemboweled for holding a few views not everyone agrees with. Get over it!

As men we are ridiculed, demonised, been removed from our families legally, biologically and by design.

The dada is dodo.

This ain’t no work of fiction. This IS Brave New World and an unfolding social apocalypse because men have failed to raise more than a lazy lob in standing up for their rights.

We have a bunch of Mangina’s pussyfooting around feminsim (that great defecating elephant in the room), for fear of being pussywhipped themselves. FNF, the Fatherhood Institute etc. A bunch of feminised men who have presided over this whilst sharing nice touchy feely meetings about men and manhood and doing jack shit.

Now, you can go all ladyboy lovemelongtimechickswithdicks routine, and thats fine. But it’s not going to help the next generation of boys who are being told they are worthless and redundant and that free-thought is a crime. We need a a robust and need I say, aggressive confrontation with fanatical feminism.

The ONLY way forward is provocation, confrontation, and reconciliation, and that means going head to head with the extremists and bigots who are presiding over this insidious gender apartheid. If we don’t do this then we are condemning our boys and future fathers to a worse fate than we ever imagined.

I believe that feminism, like most ‘isms’ is now a bad thing. It has become a perversion of its own self, an indoctrination that permeates family law in all its forms, that says men are controlling, controlling, controlling.

Like the woman on the front of the Daily Mail last weekend who said a Lord took advantage of her because he arrived with a bottle of wine and Sainsbury Taste The Difference smoked salmon. These are not mind-altering substances. Can’t you say no? Don’t you have a mind of your own? Are you such a victim that you are helpless within 100 feet of any testosterone fuelled male.

But thats typical. After 30 years of strident feminism, most women are still happy to trade on the ‘victim’ card, sell their seedy exploits and one-night stands for hard wonga. I’m afraid I don’t buy it any more. Most women I know wouldn’t stay in a relationship that didn’t meet their expectations let alone one that was ‘abusive.’

The only real achievement of feminism has been to remove fathers from families. In terms of other achievements we have ‘Sex and The City’, four emotionally and physically disfigured women who seek solace in materialism, Lose Women, bubble-headed beach blond weather girls in nightclub gear, a burgeoning porno industry etc. I could go on but I have a day job to get back to.

It’s the pathetic, blatant two-faced hypocrisy and bigotry I detest and our impotent response to it.

So to all the guys out there moaning about this, my answer is simple. Stop bitching and start a revolution. Time to man up and burn your pants.

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