New Year, New Crisis

OK, I’m no magician. I don’t have crystal balls and I don’t do fortune telling. But I’ll tell you this.

2011 is a BIG year in family law. It’s the year the Family Justice Review panel will deploy mandatory mediation as yet another smokescreen upon hundreds of others used over the last 30 years. Lawyers will retrain to provide ‘mediation’ services. The biggest cover up in the history of British Justice will continue. The biggest child abuse scandal in the history of our country will also continue.

The family courts will become even more of a brutal, grotesque bloodbath without legal aid.

There will be a big uplift in the number of false allegations simply to secure what legal aid is available.

Numbers will continue to increase simply because thats the underlying trend driven by relationship and family breakdown.

Cafcass will continue to implode, FNF will continue to appease, the rest of the movement will continue with a lame mix of impotence and in-fighting.

F4J will continue to work as it has done, mostly behind the scenes, often uncovering as yet to be disclosed scandals in family law. Our surgeries have proven to be very, very demanding and time consuming. We hope plans to train up McKenzie Friends, to empower parents in court and share our unrivalled knowledge with you will come to fruition soon.

Free of that responsibility we will look again at the range of options available to us whether its direct action or tackling fanatical feminism (note how Julian Assange is being stitched up or the scene in the film Inception where the wife says she has made false allegations against her husband so he won’t see his kids again).

It is going to be a very, rough, bloody and testing ride.

Matt O’Connor, 1/01/11

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