A Kick in the Cameroons

God, why can’t the Tories think straight? Right from the off, Cameron has been a PR man obsessed with focus groups, (And I speak as a PR man, but hopefully one with a few convictions – both criminal and personal) driven by people telling him ‘what they want’. Inevitably people don’t know what they want which is why nobody could have researched the Bible – no one could read at the time, yet it’s now the best selling book in the world.

Unlike Thatcher, who had a vision (even if you didn’t agree with it, and as a lad on miners picket lines, I very definitely didn’t), Cameron is fluff, knocked around on the PR breeze until he settles, temporarily somewhere, until the next gust carries him in another direction.

Some of us don’t need our views shaped by the general public. We have views and beliefs that are deeply held. Instead we seek to shape opinion, not follow it.

Take the Tory promises ref Family Law Reform. Before the election they set out what was wrong with family law and how they would change it. We agreed with them. However, once they had got into power, they agreed to let the Labour appointed Family Justice Review to roll on over Tory promises and plans for reform. A gutless cop out.

Now with child benefits they are deliberately penalising families like mine by withdrawing child benefit where one parent works and earns the higher rate of tax and one parents looks after the children. For some bizarre reason, a couple both earning up to the higher rate and earning say £80,000 p/a or double the other household, still receive child benefit.

Worse still, at the bottom end of the scale, child benefit will still be dished out to single mums banging out sprogs by a carousel of different dads, thus encouraging the epidemic of fatherlessness, coz kids = cash. Dunit.

This line of thinking is of course consistent with a party that says ‘you can abandon your kids today, provided you pay.’ But Mr Cameron, shouldn’t child support mean emotional AND financial support? Or are fathers now reduced to the status of cashpoint.

The cost of removing fathers is staggering – an explosion in anti-social behaviour, highest rate of young offending in Western Europe, 1 in 4 teens now criminalised, highest rate of teen pregnancies, abortion epidemic, cost to UK PLC according to IDS at least £25billion per annum upwards.

Cameron doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but he’s still managed to give families a kick in the Cameroons.

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