Appetite for Disruption

By Fathers 4 Justice


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As someone who adopts a possibly over-confrontational approach to life, politics and religion, I was debating recently whether I should turn down my agitator quotient in both my professional and campaigning work. Then I met somebody in business yesterday who said we need people to be more challenging, more provocative, more visionary in what we aim for. And why should we settle for injustice? Why should the political aristocracy rule with their bankrupt ideas, zero vision, and poverty of imagination? Why are we still paying these people? If they were in charge of ANY commercial business they would have had two pop-culture phrases aimed at them: either ‘You’re fired!’ or A Dragon’s Den inspired, ‘Sorry, I’m not going to be investing in a a bunch of halfwits and fuck wits.’ You wouldn’t trust any of them to run a bath, let alone a fucking country.

Look at Blair, looking increasingly deranged, all mad searching eyes looking to increase the profitability of his legacy. Shame then Mr Blair that you sent fathers off to die in a phony war on behalf of a country that doesn’t even afford them the right to be a father. Oh, and that’s right, a war we have no chance of winning (Khyber Pass, the Russians anyone?) or a war which destabilises an entire region (at least with Sadam’s regime there was parity with Iran, removing him has destabilised the entire Middle East) and now Bonkers Blair is ranting on about attacking Iran. And with his next breath he says burning Koran’s is inflammatory to Muslims. Inflammatory? You’ve invaded two fucking Muslim countries and killed hundreds of thousands of people. It don’t get any more inflammatory that that.

And who funded and armed Sadam during the Iran/Iraq war? That was us. And who funded and armed the Taliban? Er, yes, you guessed it. See something of a theme developing here…

And who is instrumental in causing the massive rise in anti-social behaviour…yes, those very same people who have been busy destroying families and making fatherhood redundant for 30 years. We live in a reasonable area but still suffer from teenage kids who know their rights but don’t understand respect because everyone is too frightened to say anything because, you guessed it again, these kids don’t have fathers to set them the guidelines for life and are indulged by guilty mothers who feel bad about removing their dads so over compensate by giving them carte blanche. Phew, nice work by New Labour now being continued by the Coalition and our fuckwit friends at FNF.

Because until we the people, get off our backsides then we get the government and outcomes we deserve. Angry about not seeing your kids? Stop oggling internet porn and do something, anything. It’s because of groups like FNF that nothing changes. It’s because of groups recycling ancient ideas of mine circa 2002 that nothing changes (though they drive a lot of traffic to us because they haven’t been able to come up with a new name or any new ideas, so thanks guys).

Where is the vision? Where are the ideas? How are we going to transform this country?

The answer is staring you back.

So stop bitching. Start a revolution.

Get mad, get angry, get even.

Get an appetite for disruption.

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