The Gathering Storm

By Fathers 4 Justice


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Good to see those agents (CAFCASS, NYAS et al) for the insidious state sponsored blackout of the family courts still robustly defending the indefensible and serving their own self-interests, not the child’s interests. The next few weeks will be critical to see if the bureaucratic command structure of the civil service gives extra head-room to the new intake of ministers and MP’s, one of whom we have been with today.

Ultimately it is down to the government to hack through the foot-thick bullshit and get to the real issues, one of which is open justice. With Fathers’ Day just around the corner and with 2,000+ people on board, we are conscious that things need to start happening. That said, as anyone who knows anything about campaigning, you don’t go into battle until you are ready and things are slowly coming together.

As ever there is a diversity of views and opinions to consider, but I think on balance we have the beginnings of a new campaign that will both inspire and give hope to thousands of parents and families out there. I’m not saying its going to be easy, but I am saying that it’s going to be one hell of a battle. Time to put the hard hats on. Mission one is about to be announced.

Matt O’Connor, Father and Founder of Fathers 4 Justice

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