Fear is their greatest weapon

By Fathers 4 Justice


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Always nice to get fan mail from the Family Courts. Ten years ago they threatened me after the Evening Standard published a full-page article about my case featuring a picture of my two sons Daniel & Alexander. Sally Field at the then Lord Chancellor’s Department wrote me a pleasantly threatening letter saying that if I conducted any further interviews, I would be in contempt of court and could go to jail.

I wrote back with these exact words, “Dear Sally, rearrange this popular Anglo-Saxon phrase, ‘off and fuck.'” Yours, Matt.

A month or two after, I answered back with the creation of Fathers 4 Justice. Oddly, I never did hear back from Sally Field, but we did revisit her with 200 Father Christmases in the first F4J demo on 17th December 2002.

So my message to the forces of darkness scurrying around in the shadows with their threats and injunctions is this: you do your worst, we will do our best. Our voice is Fathers 4 Justice and our voice will be heard.

Matt O’Connor, 19/5/10

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